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Heart and Hands Doula Service

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Joyful Empowered Birth 
and Postpartum Care

Serving Greater Portland

Doula Care
For Your
Growing Family

Every birthing person has the right to a birth that they experience as both safe and satisfying. My mission is to provide the support that allows every growing family a joyful and empowered transition from pregnancy to birth, and through the postpartum adjustment period.

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Birth Doula

Giving birth is an experience that you will remember forever.  It is the rite of passage that marks your transition to parenthood. Your feelings about the experience help to forge and shape your identity as a parent. Whatever you desire from your birth, the doula is there to affirm your ability to set the course for yourself and your child.

A birth doula stands beside you and your partner to provide the support, evidence-based information, advocacy, and comfort measures to ensure that you and your partner get the most out of this peak life experience. 

Postpartum Doula

Bringing your new baby home is a joyous and challenging occasion.  It is a time of great change and little sleep for the entire family.  Postpartum doulas help to ease this transition and aid your growing family to thrive. The doula provides the nurturing the family needs to gain the confidence, skill, knowledge, and rest needed to grow into the new roles of parent and older sibling.


We are able to accept most Oregon Health Plan insurance with No copay.

Serving Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro and surrounding areas.

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Heart and Hands
Doula Service

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