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Birth Services

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula stands with you throughout your journey into parenthood.  I am available for support during pregnancy and help you and your family to prepare for the birth of your child.  I am on call for your birth, joining you in early labor when you need me, and staying with you throughout your birth, until a few hours after you baby has arrived.  I will also visit you during your postpartum period to help in processing the birth and adjusting to parenting your newborn.

Every person has the right to a safe and satisfying birth, however they define that. As a birth doula, I am here to stand with you and your partner and help you to shine your own light brightly during the birth and surrounding it.  

It is my great honor and joy to participate in this moment and provide support as you bring new life into the world together. 


Why Hire a Birth Doula?

Image by Olivia Anne Snyder

As the use of birth doulas increases, evidence is mounting that births with a doula in attendance provide these advantages:

  • Less likely to turn into cesarean sections

  • Other interventions are reduced

  • APGAR scores are increased

  • Breastfeeding rates are increased

  • Bonding occurs more successfully 

  • Women are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression after

  • Women are more likely to feel satisfied with their birth experience

Birth Doula Package

As a birth doula I provide emotional and physical support to birthing people, partners, and families during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum period.  Continuous labor support is provided, and support is given through many modalities.  These include visualization, comfort touch, and extensive knowledge of labor positions that can bring comfort and aid in progressing labor. I provide assistance during the initial bonding period of the new family, and I have knowledge about beginning the feeding relationship with baby. I am especially skilled in supporting births of multiples and VBACs. I am able to provide support in hospital, birth center, and home birth situations.

Birth Doula Service includes:

  • 2 prenatal appointments covering:

    • basics of childbirth​

    • envisioning your birth and creating your birth plan

    • inclusive of partner's role and doula's role supporting partner

    • practice together of comfort measures

Image by Olivia Anne Snyder
  • Continuous labor support:​​​

    • On call for birth from 38 weeks to birth

    • support during early labor at home once desired​

    • support while deciding when to transfer to birthing place if not already there

    • comfort measures 

    • advocacy with you

    • aiding your partner to be fully engaged, and to have rest as needed

    • help with positions and environmental factors that support the progression of labor

  • Assistance during the immediate few hours after birth:

    • advocacy in immediate postpartum​

    • assistance during initial skin to skin and breastfeeding relationship

Image by Igor Rodrigues
Image by Luiza Braun
  • 2 postpartum visits​

    • support in unpacking your birth story​

    • assistance with newborn care questions

    • basic breastfeeding assistance and referrals when needed

    • watching out for any signs of postpartum depression/anxiety with quick support and referrals should it occur.

Birth Doula Full Package: $1600

  • In most cases I am able to bill the Oregon Health Plan at no cost to you if you are currently covered by an OHP program.

  • Many private insurance companies allow the use of your HSA to pay for my services if you have a high deductible plan.  

  • I offer a sliding scale, to those for whom cost is a barrier to access to doula care.  Every person who wants a doula should have one.

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