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Postpartum Services

What is a Postpartum Doula?

 A postpartum doula provides ongoing support to your family as you welcome your new infant home. I provide education on newborn care and basic feeding assistance. You and your partner will have many questions during the postpartum period and I can help you to answer them. The sleep support I can provide often makes all the difference in the ability to enjoy the postpartum period. I spend time with older siblings and provide you the opportunity to spend special time with them, to help in integrating the new infant in the family. I provide prompt referrals for any issues beyond the scope of the doula.

The postpartum time period is a special time of bonding and recovery for mother, baby, and the whole family.  Having a non-judgemental source of support as you find your way to parent this new baby empowers you to find your own joyful parenting style. 

Postpartum Services Include:

  • Infant care demonstration and education

    • soothing techniques

    • diapering

    • wraps and carriers

    • any questions you have!

  • Feeding support​

    • Breastfeeding

    • Pumping ​

    • Bottle feeding/ formula

Proud Parents
  • Support for the entire family, mother, partner, siblings, grandparents and so on

    • Help adjusting to your role as parents​

    • aiding older siblings with the changes a new baby brings

    • supporting siblings to begin to bond with new baby

    • help handling visitors

  • Light Housekeeping (dishes, sweeping, laundry) to help the household run smoothly​

  • Nourishment and information for recovery for birth person

  • Infant care so that new parents can have a warm shower, a filling meal, or a much needed nap

Postpartum Packages

My postpartum packages are completely flexible according to your family's unique needs.  You are welcome to schedule my assistance at the interval you feel would be most useful for you.  Families often choose to have the most support early on, and reserve a few sessions for slightly later postpartum.


Basic Fees:

Daytime Care: $35 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum visit

    Evening Care: $40 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum visit

    Overnight Care: $45 per hour, with a 7 hour minimum visit

   *Evening hours 6 p.m.-11p.m.

     Overnight hours 11p.m.- 8a.m.

First Night Home:

Have me on call to welcome you home with your newborn!

14 hours of assistance when you bring baby home, no need to spend the first night alone. I can be there to guide you through the transition home.  Often this would be used for 4p.m. to 8a.m.

$600 total, includes our on call fee

Sleeping Siblings

First Month Basics:

Two 4 hour daytime visits per week allows plenty of time to shower, enjoy the lactation cookies the doula brought, get some input on any breastfeeding difficulties, see a few loads of baby laundry finished and folded, or provide some much needed special attention for older siblings.

32 hours of support total: $1,000

Full Postpartum Care: 

One 4 hour daytime visit per week, and two 8 hour overnight visits per month, for all three postpartum months!  You can have consistent and longer term care to assure you have the support you need to navigate the postpartum period!

96 hours of support total: $3800

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